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Billings Community Foundation (BCF) - Menu of Services
 A) Issue Gift Annuities eventually benefitting permanent endowments gifts for Montana charities
Allow Donors to easily qualify for the 40% MT income tax CreditAnnuities can be voluntarily cancelled after five years while preserving the 40% MT tax credit in the year of issuance. Annuities can suppliment retirement income for Donor's and/or spouces lifetime.

 B) Establish Endowment, Memorial or Scholarship Funds (BFC provides infrastructure & policies) and/or facilitate donations to the following:

Billings Christian School Ed Foundation Endowment 
Billings Community Foundation Endowment
Billings Family YMCA 
Billings TrailNet
Forever 42 Dusty Taber Memorial Scholarship 
Montana Audubon General Endowment 
Montana Audubon Public Policy 
Naturopathic Education and Research
Prevention of Elder Abuse
Rimrock Opera
Jane Shelhamer Big Brothers Big Sisters
Sindelar Land – Future Public Park
George and Blanche Taber Scholarship Fund
Thomas & Amoretta Wilkins Fund
James Wrightson Educational Fund
Neil & Rosemary Isto Family Fund for Joliet Com Center
Pioneer Scholarship Fund – Harlowton, MT
UM Wilderness Scholarship

Endowment Funds are charged an administrative fee of .50%
per year or a $150 minimum

C) Establish Special Project or Field of Interest Funds forfuture need of a Charitable Organization and/or donate to the following: 
BCF Animal Welfare Fund
        BCF Community Affairs & Development
        BCF Education FundBCF Arts & Culture Fund
        BCF Capital Funding for Public Projects
        BCF Environmental Parks & Health

D) Use the Fiscal Sponsor Program to support charitable work of unincorporated groups
The nonprofit status of BCF serves as an “umbrella” to receive gifts and the board and the staff help with fiscal help management of the projects

E) Individuals can set up local Donor Advised Funds for long term charitable giving 

Tax deductable gifts for investing and distributing over several years to qualified charities Funds can receive future donations and Gifts to charities are donor recommended 

F) BCF can be used for Administration of Gifts from Estates to Montana Charities or existing funds

G) BCF offers workshops to help organizations with “Writing Grants Requests” and other topics

H) BCF provides professional management of funds invested through local firms with donor advice

Contact Billings Community Foundation to see how we can assist with your philanthropic needs